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Early risers rule the world

February 21, 2010

Robin Hanson:

larks [early risers] are older, more conformist, more dependable, and so more likely to set official rules.  Such rules seem to favor lark-preferred hours of work, school, etc., and to give larks higher school grades even though owls are smarter and eventually richer.  Seems some sort of “conspiracy” theory has decent support, though of course  conscious collusion isn’t needed here – self-serving biases and signaling distortions seem a sufficient explanation.

During this semester, I’ve been trying to shift my sleep schedule earlier, with only modest success (got up at 9:30 today).  Looks like I have additional incentive to do so now.  My intelligence and earning potential (at least in meritocratic medicine) is pretty much fixed, but if conscientious and agreeable early risers run the world, it behooves me to join their ranks!


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