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Still haven’t written that facebook post, but…

March 4, 2010

Here’s an article on Facebook as MMORPG.

A lot of the praxis around virtual worlds — and indeed, games in general — has been co-opted by social media….

  • Formal group identity is taken to a level well beyond that of the typical virtual world on social networks. (We’ve been saying for years that we should support multiple guild membership in MMORPGs… check out the typical number of groups a Facebook user belongs to…)
  • Points and quantified reputation are rampant. Arguably, excessive.
  • Similarly, publicly visible profile data has become the defining characteristic of much of the social web. Facebook is a collection of “avatar” pages where you can browse only one’s clothing, achievements, guild memberships, and skills — in a manner of speaking.
  • Formalized user roles are also the norm, on the admin-vs-user level.
  • And perhaps most pleasantly, malleability of environment is also a key characteristic. Even the most simplistic of farming games on Facebook ranks higher on the “affect your world” scale than World of Warcraft does… and this sort of personalization of the environment is standard not only in social games but across the social web today.

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